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A lass with sass / Who's full of class / Yet has the brass / To pass gas / To kick your ass / To be crass

Red-Headed Stepchild - Jaye Wells I'm only a few chapters into this book, and I can already say I don't like it. There is a lot to be desired as far as dialogue goes. It feels childish--seriously like jr. high kids are conversing instead of adults. And as for the characters--I sincerely dislike them all. That, in itself, wouldn't be a "broke the camel's back" issue if I at least liked the main character. But being unable to respect her makes that an unlikelihood. For a century-old assassin, she is about the dumbest person I've ever "met". There is no sharp intelligence and quick instincts. She's amateurish and naive in every aspect of her life. I didn't sign up to read about a teenager who thinks they know it all. I wanted an adult who exudes patience, confidence, intellect, and instinct--with a touch of self humility and controlled fear--who won't take shit lying down. I wanted a badass, and instead got a wimp who thinks she's a badass. How her vampires managed to survive with idiots like her as their elite is beyond me.

I would like to note (again) that I did not read the entire novel. There is always the possibility that it would have gotten better. But only if the writing improved, and I just couldn't foresee that happening. Life is too short to waste on something that has me rolling my eyes in disgust every few pages.