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Not Quite Dating (Not Quite series) - Catherine Bybee This book is the reason I have started to lay off of reading. I read my novels too fast and end up searching for hours, sometimes days, for something that sounds interesting to read, only to end up with something less than subpar. It's depressing, really. I got tired of looking for crappy books and have taken a break. While on Amazon one day, this book was being advertised, and with some pretty great reviews. I thought, "Hey, why not? It's been awhile since I picked something up and it's cheap." Well, I can only go so far through a bad story before I have to put it down--this one took me to 40% of the ride (over a several day period) before the towel was finally thrown in.

Now, as far as awful books go, this is not the worst I've read. But it is boring, boring, boring. The writing is flat, and the characters boring and one-dimensional. I respect my time too much to give this read any more of it.