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With All My Soul - Rachel Vincent Although I've kept up with this series, I have a hard time saying I actually liked it. It's mostly the angsty teenage drama I can't handle. The decisions that they make are completely retarded. I never liked Sabine. I don't like Emma's situation. I love Tod, but I hate how things happened with Nash (throughout the entire series). And one of the biggest things that have always driven me nuts is how Kayley is always blamed for everything--well, that and that she seems to be the only one who's not pretty. Yes, I'm shallow enough for that to bother me. The demon situation got kind of old too. With all that crap, I had to put this book down about halfway through, and read two others in-between, before I could get myself to finish. Since the beginning of this series, my main feeling has been disgust--at every situation, action, feeling, and person.

As far as the completion of this series, finding Kayley's mom's soul would have been nice. And it would also be nice if Kayley and Tod could make themselves physically look older. Seeing everyone grown up and moved on just gives the impression that Kayley has been left behind. In my opinion, she might as well be fully dead. At least then she could move on and start over instead of lingering on in a life where everyone but her (and Tod) change(s). To me, the ending was just depressing.