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Space Junque (Apocalypto, #1) - L.K. Rigel As a general rule to myself, I can't really give short stories more than three stars. It's not that they're not good (though most I've read aren't), but that I feel like the author hasn't included enough detail to truly flesh the story out. They're so fast paced--sometimes excitingly so--but it's more like a short adrenaline rush as opposed to the potential full-on emotional roller coaster a longer story can incite.

With all that said, Space Junque was really great. There was so much going on that the few times I looked at my progress I was shocked to see that I was nowhere close to the end. I put this story off a long, long time because [almost] all of my experiences with short stories left a really bad taste in my mouth. It's nice to finally read something short and utterly engaging. No gag moments here!