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Contract of Betrayal (Spectras Arise Trilogy, #2) - Tammy Salyer I have to admit, this installment didn't really do it for me. By 50% I knew I wasn't going to be happy with it, and by 75% I was rushing to finish.

I wasn't very impressed with Aly's character. She was naïve, and unwilling to even look at the truth if it produced a less than desirable outcome. And she was weak. She got hit a lot and didn't seem to hit back much. She felt more like a tag-along, or a secondary character in CoB, not offering much input but to disagree or bitch or deny. I've grown tired of the group she hangs around, and especially of Eleanor--(I also wasn't too impressed with her brother except at the very end). Honestly, at this point, the most interesting person is Rajcik, and as psychotic as it seems, I'd prefer him as a love match for Aly. Though he'd, of course, have to have a slight change of character and become completely loyal to Aly (even if he stayed psycho). Loyalty means more to me than almost anything else, and the fact that her team kept things from her means it's time for her skip out.

I still really like the author's writing style and would like to continue reading her novels. I know I'm just being a snoot about the story. I tend to bond with the main heroine, and when things don't go according to me, then I get frustrated. It's a character flaw I acknowledge but am not proud of.