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A lass with sass / Who's full of class / Yet has the brass / To pass gas / To kick your ass / To be crass

Afterlife - Joey W. Hill Okay, let me start by saying that my 2-star review in no way reflects how well this story was written, because Joey W. Hill definitely seems like a great writer. It instead reflects my own opinion of the genre, which I have come to realize (or maybe always knew?) isn't my cup of tea. The BDSM world is somewhat interesting, but that's as far as my excitement goes. I feel like it truly detracts from relationship characterization--or perhaps I just don't get it at all, which I would be the first to admit. Whereas in "regular" love stories I can often find a zing of anticipation, I felt none of that with the BDSM world. It's too far-fetched for me--something that is totally alien and completely unattractive [to me]. However, with that said, I find that Joey W. Hill pulled off this topic with a lot dignity. Not once did I feel disgusted, or as if I was reading a dirty, uneducated, pornography article. It was relatively classily done (considering the topic), and despite my reservations towards this genre, I found it interesting; which is amazing considering I didn't really like the main character very much.

I am somewhat interested in reading the other 3 in the series just because the characters put in an appearance and I'm interested to see what a strong woman looks like in this kind of situation--but if I do ever get around to the other novels, it's going to have to be when I can't find anything else interesting to do.